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PostSubject: About us    About us  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 12:21 pm


Welcome to the place where good men have been lost and heroes made since 2002.

Rooster, After leaving DD back in the day. myself and several of the lads have decided to bring the known name of DD back and proceed where things where left.

The most memorable part of my gaming days lead back to =DD= and i hope i can make this happen to several more people and let DD live on.

After many years on the PC, The Deadly Dozen is moving on and has branched to the XBOX but with the hope of bringing several PC teams in to join us.

As an on-line practice for many years, The Deadly Dozen judges everyone as an individual and does not assign labels.

We realise that everyone has something to provide in a clan and when well regulated can contribute in their own fashion to benefit everyone. It's our job as your leaders to realise this.

The Framework

The Deadly Dozen is a multi-gaming clan and therefore plays many games. MW2, FIFA, COD4, Forza as well as many others.

Building a strong long lasting relationship with our members and allowing players to cross platforms allows retention amongst our brothers in arms. We aim to win in a competitive environment as well as having fun. Weather it be friendly games or competetive. We will be joining leagues and taking it to the heart of or enemy. The Deadly Dozen are winners but learn from defeat. We are highly motivated and always looking for the next challenge.

The Deadly Dozen

Rooster - DD Site Admin

Velocity - DD Site Admin

Nudge1086 - DD Moderator

Bizarropaul - DD Moderator

RedElmo - DD Moderator

Destroyer316 - DD FIFA Captain

LethalSkizzle - DD Forza Captain

D3MQN - DD Clan Member

Briggs - DD Clan Member

iculiam - DD Clan Member

Dopey - DD Clan Member

xxBuBBleZxx88 - DD Clan Member

Kingwezo - DD Clan Member

SuperClaret93 - DD Clan Member

HotFuzzJono - DD Clan Member

Keyser Soze2072 - DD Clan Member

BenjaniMan - DD Clan Member

Omagertron - DD Clan Member

This is all under heavy construction and will be updated very soon to include more content.
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About us
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